Long-Term Programming

From first grade through high school graduation, and then "to and through" college.

While "I Have A Dream's" scholarship commitment is important, it is the ongoing, personalized services each class Program Director provides to his/her class of 50 Dreamer Scholars throughout their formative years that makes the "I Have A Dream" model such a success nationwide. Each class is assigned a Program Director who maintains personal relationships with the Dreamer Scholars and their families and serves as a support and resource for academic and personal problems. Program Directors provide referrals to other agencies to meet overall family needs, and serve as a liaison between Dreamer Scholars and their families and schools.

After-School Learning Centers

BroadwayCenter"I Have A Dream" currently operates ten after-school learning and housing site centers, providing comprehensive resources that encourage academic success and healthy social development. Activities are designed to improve literacy and develop math and science aptitude, increase school attendance and strengthen the connection to school. The centers provide Dreamer Scholars with healthy snacks, access to tutors, relationships with mentors, and assistance with homework, books, supplies, and computers for school projects. Our sites are located across Boulder County-in Boulder, Lafayette and Longmont-and in the Carbon Valley.

Tutoring Program

Volunteer tutors are recruited, screened, and placed with Dreamer Scholars to provide one-on-one tutoring and assistance with homework. Tutors meet with Dreamer Scholars once or twice a week at the after-school learning center or at schools and local libraries.

Computer Technology Program

Each learning center is equipped with a computer lab. "I Have A Dream" provides access to the Internet, daily guidance with educational software, and general computer training. 

Mentoring Program

Dreamer Scholars are matched with long-term, reliable, and supportive concerned and caring adults who serve as mentors. Adult volunteer mentors are recruited, screened, trained, and placed with every interested Dreamer Scholar to provide one-on-one guidance and support and serve as positive role models.

Family Outreach Program

Each bilingual Program Director establishes ongoing, personalized relationships with all the Dreamer Scholars and their families through individual home visits, parent meetings, and family activities. 

Counseling and Life Skills Program

Program Directors develop personal relationships with each Dreamer Scholar,. Emphasis is placed on individual counseling, help with personal issues, academic motivation, and referrals to other support organizations when appropriate. Regular Dreamer Scholar meetings focus on a variety of life-skill issues, including nutrition, peer pressure, and the decision-making process.

Enrichment Program

Although success in school is our primary focus, we believe opportunities for academic and career success are significantly enhanced through social confidence, cultural appreciation, commitment to good citizenship, and well-developed leadership skills. Our enrichment programs include weekly Friday Enrichment Days, Teen Nights, and monthly field trips to cultural, community service, and athletic events. Leadership activities include wilderness outings, speaking engagements at "I Have A Dream" events, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebrations, and so much more. This program is designed to broaden Dreamer Scholar experiences, involve them in the community, and provide incentives to reward positive behavior.

Career Choices and College Preparation Program

This program provides work-based learning services to enhance student motivation and academic achievement, increase personal and social competence related to work, and provide career exploration and planning. Tours of workplaces, job shadowing, career mentoring, and paid internships are offered. College preparation includes academic counseling, college visits, ACT/SAT preparation, assistance with college admission forms, and a 2- week college camp held at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

CU Dreamer Day

CU hosts this annual event to increase Dreamer Scholar familiarity with the campus and college life and show students that college is a real possibility for them. Dreamer Scholars shadow a CU student for a day and attend workshops on Admissions/Financial Aid and Career Exploration.

Summer Program

Throughout the summer, we keep Dreamer Scholars engaged in activities designed to build academic, social, and leadership skills through literacy, math, arts, recreational, and community service projects. In addition, Dreamer Scholars participate in several area camps, such as Colorado Youth Program and Climbing for Life.

Holiday Gifts and Crayons to Calculators School Supply Programs

Each year corporations and community members "adopt" Dreamer Scholars' families to provide gifts to those most in need during the holiday season and provide backpacks filled with much-needed school supplies.

AmeriCorps Program

Through a collaborative partnership with the Notre Dame Mission Volunteer Program and the Corporation for National and Community Serivce, "I Have A Dream" participates in the AmeriCorps program. The impact of this effort on our program is enormous - it provides nearly 40 AmeriCorps service members for a year of full-time direct program service to the Dreamer Scholars. AmeriCorps members are college graduates and are wonderful role models for at-risk youth.