Jason Vallery-polaroid


Jason Vallery says that when he was a Lafayette Dreamer he was exposed to opportunities that shaped his future. During his time at Longmont High School and after he graduated, Jason worked as an intern with the University of Colorado Boulder’s IT director. 

His mentor was the Director of IT for the Financial Aid Office. Jason says that “I Have a Dream” gave him the ability to pursue his passion for computers and granted him the chance to gain experience for his future career. Today, Jason develops software for a large tech company, and he credits “I Have a Dream’s” internship placement programs for his success.

"I know first hand what a difference 'I Have a Dream' makes," stated Vallery. "It pleases me very much to repat the debt I owe the organization for the success it was able to bring me. I hope one day to be in a position to contribute much more. I'm very impressed with the way the organization has grown since I graduated. It was clear at the recent Dream-Maker Luncheon that the opportunities the children in the current classes have are immense. As a father, I hope that those kids will have the same opportunities I am able to give my own son."

Jason was selected as a Giving Hero in 2013 by Microsoft for his ongoing support of "I Have A Dream." You can read more about this honor and it's impact on the organization at Microsoft's Citizenship Blog.