javier"My childhood memories were mostly always cold. We lived in a small house with only one room and a kitchen. We would always lay together for warmth in the mid-December cold. I remember hearing the owls sing to the lonely moon and see the coldness in our breath while our skins crumbled from the cold temperature.

Another memory I have is during hurricane season in Texas where we lived. There was a storm that hit us hard but luckily we had family nearby, and we could withstand the damage of the storm. The streets were rushing with harsh waters. After it was over, we went back to our house and found out our roof was blown off, so we slept without a roof for many weeks.

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Jackie Juarez grew up in Longmont, Colorado and is the first in her family to attend college. She was a member of the Columbine Dreamer class and attended Alexander Dawson School where she graduated in 2012. After being accepted to many colleges and universities, Jackie chose to attend the University of Denver where she started in fall 2012 pursuing a major in political science, pre-law, or business.

"As I look back on these past ten years of my life, I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like without the unconditional support of the “I Have a Dream” Foundation. This Foundation has opened many doors for me and my fellow Dreamers. It has prepared us well for the real world. From summer internships, to tutoring and field trips, we’ve been granted many amazing opportunities that have allowed us to grow into young adults."


Jason Vallery-polaroid


Jason Vallery says that when he was a Lafayette Dreamer he was exposed to opportunities that shaped his future. During his time at Longmont High School and after he graduated, Jason worked as an intern with the University of Colorado Boulder’s IT director. 

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“The best memory is just knowing that they have always been there, whether it’s at school or at home, because that support has meant everything,” said Dulce Jimenez, a Dreamer with the Casa Class, who is on track to graduate May 2013 from the Alexander Dawson School, a private K-12 school between the cities of Lafayette and Longmont.


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