Our Impact

Helping Dreamers Become Achievers.

"The Dreamers program has helped me a lot. It's helped me in school over the past five years, and also on a personal level. This program gives you a lot of opportunities that some people wish they had. If you are a Dreamer Scholar, take those opportunities that they give you, and be thankful."

Valentin G., Dreamer Scholar


Grad Stats

Significant academic achievement
Overall, 90%+ of Dreamer Scholars graduate from high school, much higher than their peers: In 2016, 78% of low-income youth in Boulder County's two school districts graduated high school. Of these Dreamer graduates, 85 percent have continued on to some level of post-secondary schooling. Many of them are now graduating from college or vocational school.

Positive growth
The number of low-income children that "I Have A Dream" serves has grown from 36 students in 1990 to over 600 in 2018. Overall, the organization has served over 1,000 Dreamers, with services reaching Dreamer family members and guests to impact over 4,000 individuals.

Volunteer Support
"I Have A Dream" currently trains and utilizes over 600 volunteer mentors and tutors to assist in after-school and summer programming. And 38 AmeriCorps members work as program coordinators at the learning centers, improving our child-to-staff ratio from 50:1, to ~15:1. When tutors are added, the child-to-staff ratio drops to less than 9:1.

Recent Survey Results
In collaboration with the National Research Center, we survey Dreamer Scholars, staff, Dreamer Scholar family members, and volunteers each year to evaluate program impact. The evaluation surveys incorporate multiple sources of evaluation methods and data (online surveys designed for Dreamer Scholars, mentors and tutors, written surveys for parents, school grades, test scores, attendance rates). The Boulder Valley School District and St. Vrain Valley School District provided data on grades, test scores, and attendance data. Click here for a summary of our most recent survey results.


"The 'I Have A Dream' Foundation inspired me to keep working to achieve academic success and to go on to higher education. It motivated me to keep working hard and helped me maintain good grades."
Vicky M., Dreamer Scholar