AmeriCorps Eric Anna Becky

A passion for encouraging students to get a college education drew three of the AmeriCorps Notre Dame Mission volunteers to the "I Have a Dream" Foundation of Boulder County ("I Have a Dream").

Anna Archer, Eric Cherrie, and Becky Kivlovitz were looking to deepen their involvement in working with youth education and in the non-profit field. While searching for AmeriCorps jobs that matched their passions, they all found the "I Have a Dream" postings -- and were hooked.

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"My experience at 'I Have a Dream' has exceeded any expectations I have had. I feel that the kids have helped me more than I've helped them! They are so full of energy and have a fresh look on life and have helped me grow as a person."-Ruth Arbarca, Phoenix Program Coordinator

"My AmeriCorps year has helped me understand that to make a difference I cannot help a community I have to serve one. It has given me both tools and direction as move from my AmeriCorps Service to becoming an elementary school teacher." -Alex Nelson, Columbine Program Coordinator

"This year of AmeriCorps has helped me to both come outside of myself and to better know my interior self. Working with teenagers and trying to empathize with their unique challenges while striving to achieve specific program goals has helped me realize that I can provide the resource, opportunities, and support they need to succeed, but they ultimately have to get themselves there."-Marissa Moran, Casa Program Coordinator