Wish List

From office supplies to school supplies, we need materials to keep our programs running. From iPads and computers to pencils and paint supplies, every item can make a difference, both helping Dreamers focus on learning and staff operate more efficiently. 

Below is a list of general items that are needed for the central office and for the after-school learning centers. To donate any of the following materials, please bring them to our central office in Boulder or call us at 303-444-3636 to arrange a pickup. If you have other items that you are interested in donating that are not on the list, please give us a call before dropping off those items.

Office MaterialsSchool Supplies

• Small Office Desks (2)
• Bookcases (no taller than 4 ft)
• Computers, preferably laptops (3)
• Storage bins with lids
     (for snacks, for supplies, etc)
• Secure file cabinet (can be locked)
• Small refrigerator
• Wall calendars
• Index cards
• Sticky notes / Post-its
• Dry erase board (large & small sizes)
• Cork bulletin board
• Dry erase markers
• Hanging file folders
 Digital cameras
• Video camera
• Walkie Talkies
• Bus Passes for Interns & AmeriCorps
Visa Gift Cards (for unpaid interns & volunteers)

• Copier paper
• Basic Folders
• College Ruled Notebooks (no spiral binding)
• 2 inch 3 ring binders (5)
• Pens, Pencils
• Erasers
• Markers

• Scissors (Adult and Kid scissors)
• Pencil Carriers
• Tape (Scotch, masking, Duct)
• Large poster-sized Post-its
• Staplers
• Chalk
• Posterboard
• Paper used to practice writing cursive
• Academic Planners

• 15-passenger Multi-Function Activity Minibus
• Used van, minivan or other larger multi-passenger vehicles

Basic NeedsArt Supplies
• Kleenex
• Hand sanitizer
• Cleaning supplies, bars of soap
• Paper towels
• Disposable cameras for field trips
• Globe, world map
• Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication Cards
     (Grades 2 & 3)
• Gallon of Elmer’s glue
• Educational software, esp. math and literacy
     (Grades 2-4)
• 3 hole punch (2)
• Little dry-erase boards (Up to 50)
• Reusable plastic cups, bowls and plates (35)
• Photo albums for pictures of Dreamers
• Props for Dreamer skits/theater
     (costumes, whacky hats, etc.)
• Supply cart with wheels (2)

• Water color paints
• Paintbrushes (small through large sizes)(50)
• Acrylic Paints
• Nice white paper 
• Posterboard (all colors)
• Crayons
• Glitter
• Thin markers in a 20 marker set ( 7 sets)
• Markers (thick and thin) (20 sets)
• Colored pencils
• Clay, Sculpee
• Balloons
• Scraps to glue (Like felt, fluffy balls, etc.)
• Large rolls of paper (Any Color)

BooksGames & Sporting Goods

A recommended book list is available on request. Please call our main office. 
• Any workbooks for Grades 2-4
     (Math, writing, science, maps, geography)
• Workbooks for children learning to write cursive
• Subscription to kids' magazines
     (Sports Illustrated for Kids, etc.)
• World Atlas
• English-Spanish/Spanish-English Dictionary
     (adult & elementary editions)
• College-level English dictionary
• Short chapter books
     (Popular series sets for 2nd-4th grades)
• Science topic books for 2nd-4th Grades
• A People’s History of the United States
     (Howard Zinn)
• Cash donations so Dreamers can choose
     their own from the Scholastic Book catalog

• Math or logic games (place value blocks,                multiplication charts) 
• Chess, Checkers
• Pictionary
• Cranium
• Sorry
• Boggle and Boggle Jr.
• Scrabble and Scrabble Jr.
• Spelling-oriented games
• Educational board games (2nd-4th grade)
• Decks of cards
• Uno
• Taboo
• Twister
• Kids Pictionary
• Scategories Junior
• Water toys for outside in the summer
• Slip n’slide, Crazy Octopus, etc.
• Basketballs, kickballs, soccer balls, volleyballs,
     baseballs, etc.
• Plastic bases for kickball
• Whistle (for Soccer)
Academic Incentive Gifts for Dreamers
• Stickers
• Little sets of Legos
• Matchbox cars/Hotwheels
• Yo-yos
• Travel Board Games, Card Games
• Gift cards
     (Theater, Barnes & Noble, food,                              Amazon.com)
• Anything else for second to eighth graders