Donate a Vehicle

Do you have an old car that you don't know what to do with? Consider donating it as a tax-deductible donation today! Can you help us acquire used or new Mini-Buses, Mini-Vans, or SUVs for use transporting Dreamers to and from programming and extracurricular events?

How to donate your vehicle

Donating a used car to charity is a great way to make a significant contribution and to get a sizable tax deduction. 

Our foundation works with Cars Helping Charities, who will pick up your vehicle at no cost, and supply you with a tax deductible donation receipt. They will accept any car, running or not, anywhere in the country.  Please visit the Cars Helping Charities website or call us at 303-444-3636 for more information. 

Mini-Buses, Mini-Van, SUVs

Do you have a used multi-passenger vehicle? With our unique after-school model, we are always looking for quality used or new mini-buses, mini-vans, and or SUVs to help safely transport Dreamers from school to our after-school learning centers, as well as to and from extracurricular events. Having access to reliable transportation for some of the Dreamers is the only hurdle keeping them from participating in organized athletics, college tours, academic conferences, and other extracurricular activities. 

We are interested in any type of full-sized school bus, mini-bus (14 passenger), mini-van, or SUV. To donate your multi-passenger vehicle, contact our main office at 303-444-3636.